Formosa String Centre - 弦知音音樂推廣中心
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Formosa String centre is the international office of 弦知音音樂推廣中心 located in Vancouver, BC. It is also the 3rd branch office established after Head office in Zhongli and 2nd office in Taoyuan. ( &

Formosa String centre specializes in group and private lessons, different from other music schools, Formosa String centre mainly focused on teaching violin & piano. The music has brought profession into another dimension. 

Formosa String centre consists of faculty members who are passionate about music, education and children. Combine these three factors and you have the best music school around town. 

It is safe to say that Formosa String Centre is an ambitious organization whose ultimate goal is to set up culture exchange music trip between students from Taiwan and from the oversea office in Vancouver. We hope to have this dream come into reality in Summer of 2014. 

Formosa String Centre welcomes you to join our big music family, together we will create countless wonderful music making memories.
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